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It is since June 1993  now, that customers from all over the world know Gamander for its rich collection of titles on humanities and natural science. Internet has made us well known! We focus on a collection of books that promote human development, beauty and inventivity. For instance categories like: philosophy, visual and performing arts, fairy tales and myths, psychology, Anthroposophy, (auto)biography, history, Buddhism and Christianity. Please use the red button  “collection Antiqbook” or collection Abebooks” for these catalogues.

One of our special specialties since 1993  is our collection “anthroposophy” and “related”, mainly in Dutch or German and some titles in English.  Also our collection fairy tales and myths is well known. You will find these catalogues using the red buttons “Collection ABebooks or Collection Antiqbook” on the right. You are welcome to subscribe to the monthly prepared email-newsletter with recently acquired titles of our various catalogues. We hope you will enjoy ordering! Payment is easy through Paypal. Are you looking for a specific title? Please let us know by email ( on your right below), you are free to buy the title or not when we find it, as it may take some time. Your antiquarian is Leo Fluitman. Please contact him if you have any questions or need more information on a specific title or transport costs.

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